Business Insurance Planning

Have you done everything you can to protect your business and hold onto key employees? Business insurance is critical to protect you, your business and your employees. We have plans to provide protection for all facets of your business. 

 "A good company is only as good as the people it keeps."  Do you know what planning options are available to help you keep key talent? Please contact us to discuss:

  • Which plans may provide a cost-effective option for select employees
  • What makes a plan appropriate for use with owner-employees
  • How to select a plan that best fits the business' needs
  • How life insurance may fit into the overall planning picture

We can assist you in finding the appropriate protection for employers and employees alike against financial loss associated with disability or death, and can help employers and key employees with business continuation, retirement and special bonus plans. There are a multitude of business insurance planning options available to cover employers and employees.

  • Key Person Life & Disability Insurance
  • Buy-Sell Funding with Life and Disability Insurance
  • Key employee additional life insurance for personal needs
  • Group Term Life Insurance
  • Salary Continuation 
  • Deferred Compensation

Is It Time for a Business Insurance Audit?

As a business person, you are use to financial audits that insure the fiscal integrity and proper operation of the business. It is the same way with business insurance. From time to time, a business insurance professional should go over your plans to protect the human assets that make your business succeed.

Because each business operation has its own unique characteristics and challenges, business insurance planning can be quite complicated. There are many insurance plans that can be tailored to help your business prosper. Give us a call to schedule an insurance audit.


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